Step by Step Emerging Markets Investing: A Beginner's Guide to the Best Investments in Emerging Markets


I came across this book a while back and it has some really good and useful information on investing in emerging markets. While these investments have not been doing too well in recent years they can still provide you a much needed boost to your diversification. But as always, remember that not all markets are created equal and some may so more promise than others. But always keep in mid the risks associated with these markets if you venture away from ETFs and mutual funds. Get your copy at

Find out why emerging market stocks need to be part of everyone's strategy for safety and returns Your world is changing. In 1992, developed countries like the United States accounted for two-thirds the global economy. By 2015, the percentage of the world economy from these countries had shrunk to less than half while Asia and Latin America had almost doubled their share of the global marketplace. Public debt of $16.3 trillion in the United States is now larger than the economy and an aging population means economic growth will continue to slow. The days of parking your money in American stocks and enjoying a stable long-term return are over. Slowing economic growth in the developed world and huge demographic advantages in developing countries are shifting the landscape for corporate profits and stock market returns. Being ahead of these changes means opening your investments to the regions and players that will benefit most over the next several decades. The average investor holds just 3% of their portfolio in emerging market stocks. That will leave them dangerously behind the game as the world changes. Those investing in multi-national U.S. companies as part of their emerging markets investment are in for a surprise. While U.S. companies book nearly 40% of their sales overseas, less than half of it is from emerging markets. The fact is that only direct investment in emerging market stocks will provide the growth you need to meet your financial goals and reduce the risk of a stagnant economic picture in the United States. But emerging market investing is far from a smooth ride to higher returns. In fact, the chronic cycle of boom and bust in emerging market stocks means a rebalancing strategy is absolutely essential to keeping your gains. Step-by-Step Emerging Markets Investing is the only book to give you a detailed process on how to position your investments for the developing change in world markets. You'll get an in-depth review of the risks and upside potential in emerging markets investing as well as the countries and funds in the theme. The last section of the book is dedicated to a step-by-step process to building your emerging markets portfolio and how to manage your investments in the least amount of time. In this book you'll learn: The seven periods of boom and bust in emerging market investments and what to look for in the future. (pg 10) The three principal risks in emerging markets and warning signs of when to get out! (pg 18) Review of the emerging market regions and 17 countries with tradable stocks (pg 24) How to build a strategy that cuts down on time you spend looking at stocks but still gives your portfolio a chance to outperform (pg 43) How to maintain your emerging markets portfolio and when to sell (pg 50) If you're ready to position your portfolio for the coming change in stocks, scroll back up and click buy now. Other Investing Books only Cover the Popular Emerging Market Stocks and Trading Strategies Most investing books on emerging market stocks only cover the most popular companies and funds in Brazil, Russia, India and China. These countries should be part of your emerging market investing strategy but are a very small part of the 17 countries available. Step-by-Step Emerging Markets Investing covers the regions and countries you need to know about before detailing how to position in the best investments to meet your needs. Scroll back up and buy the only emerging market stocks investing book to give you a complete picture of emerging market investing as well as a step-by-step investing plan. Check out the rest of the investing books in the series for simple investing strategies in bonds, emerging market stocks and dividend stocks. Each investment guide can be read on its own or as part of the series.

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