• Morningstar's Stars, are they reliable?

    Morningstar's Stars, are they reliable?
    You will find various rating systems on mutual funds, each of which uses a different approach. All of them are designed to weed through the thousands of funds to get to the best ones. But is there such a thing? Does a high rating mean a fund will do better in the future? Many people seem to think so. A recent study showed that...
  • Reasons to Refinance Your House

    Reasons to Refinance Your House
    Refinancing can have other financial benefits besides lowering rates. Locking in rates can protect you from higher rates, saving you money on future interest costs. You can also change your ARM for better caps to prevent huge monthly increases. Consolidating your bills with your equity saves on credit card rates while providing a tax advantage. Protection From Future Rate Hikes An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM)...
  • Choices to Fund Your Child's Education

    Choices to Fund Your Child's Education
    With higher education tuition increasing at double-digit year-over-year percentages, an effective saving plan for your kid's education is becoming much more important than before. An article details that education expenses have outpaced inflation by 28%. Most families will discover that their future higher education costs will be much more than they have saved for their kid's education. This leaves many kids to be faced...
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